Eyebrow Waxing in Traverse City

Whether you have a routine regimen or are prepping for a special occasion, eyebrow waxing is a delicate technique that requires a professional’s touch. While some women perform upkeep by tweezing or threading at home, there are a few drawbacks to that approach. For one, you can end-up spending excessive amounts of time to not accomplish the look you desire. That’s why it makes sense to partner with the staff at Allure Salon & Spa in Traverse City!

From the first conversation regarding your goals to seeing the finished product – here are steps that our specialists may employ during your eyebrow waxing:

  • Measure
  • Wash
  • Prim & Shape
  • Wax Prep & Application
  • Clean-Up

Facial Features & Eyebrow Shape

Your facial features and eyes are unique. That means that no two eyebrow waxings should be the same. At Allure Salon & Spa, our staff factors the natural shape and contours of your face before selecting the best methods. Our approach also uses safe, results-driven spa products to help ensure that you’re our next satisfied client!

Schedule Your Eyebrow Waxing Appointment

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