Hairdressing Specialists in Traverse City

For thousands of years, hairdressing has been used to accentuate facial features, complement apparel and accessories, and make a profound statement. At Allure Salon & Spa in downtown Traverse City, our hair stylists combine proven methods with the newest techniques for keeping your look fabulous!

Northern Michigan’s Local Cosmetologists

First, our professional stylists learn about your aspirations. Depending on how you want to improve your look, here are just a few of the many hairdressing services that we provide:

• Texturing
• Permanent Relaxers
• Curling
• Perms
• Hair Coloring
• Haircut & Styling

Advanced Styling Techniques & Experience

Well-versed in industry methods, our hairdressers use their experience to complement your natural appearance. We consider the shape of your face, how your hair grows, and its condition – before we get to work for you! That way, you can be confident that we’ve personally tailored your unique look. By implementing the latest technological advances, hair products, and methods – our staff makes sure that you benefit from the best tools in the business.

Scheduling Your Hairdressing Appointment

To experience how we’ve built our reputation over the years, contact our knowledgeable staff today! Whether you’re updating your look or preparing for a special occasion, scheduling an appointment at Allure Salon & Spa in Traverse City can unlock your fashion potential.