Hair Treatment Services in Traverse City

Overlooked by some stylists, treating your hair not only improves its appearance but can also enhance its health. For maintaining your look after you’ve seen your stylist, hair treatment is a critical component. At Allure Salon & Spa in downtown Traverse City, we help our clients find the right products, and techniques, for safeguarding their hair.

Caring for Your Hair at Allure Salon & Spa

There are several best practices you should follow when it comes to hair care. We help many of our clients who may not know the proper way to shampoo and condition. Our staff can perform these hair treatments:

• Strength infusion
• Moisture infusion
• Malibu
• Glossing

In addition to expert hair treatments, our team can advise you on how to safeguard your hair outside of Allure Salon & Spa. Throughout the years, we’ve seen newer clients who’ve used alcohol-based products, not pre-wetting hair before going into a chlorinated pool, or other considerations.

Schedule Your Hair Treatment

It’s important to sit-down with the styling experts at Allure Salon & Spa today. Contact us to learn more about our wealth of hair treatments in downtown Traverse City!