Leg, Arm & Underarm Waxing in Traverse City

Whether eliminating annoying peach-fuzz or eradicating thick hairs in those hard-to-reach areas, body waxing is a proven method for keeping your attractive appearance. Despite innovations in laser hair removal, shaving, and gels – there are several reasons why waxing is still the industry standard!

At Allure Salon & Spa in Traverse City, we take the time to explain the following benefits of waxing your underarms and extremities:

  • Sensitively – Because lasers systems can make your skin increasingly sensitive to UV radiation, it’s wise to utilize waxing – especially if you’ll be tanning afterwards.
  • Preventing Stubble – Forearm and leg waxing removes hair from the root. The advantage is that the resulting re-growth is typically softer and finer. This means less uncomfortable stubble for you!

Scheduling Your Body Waxing Appointment

At Allure Salon & Spa, our staff creates a welcoming environment where all of our clients are comfortable asking questions and sharing their goals. Even for our repeat clients, we take time to learn whether anything has changed with you before selecting the best spa services.

To learn more about our approach to partial, and full-body, hair removal services – stop-by our location in downtown Traverse City or contact us today!